Are IT costs and complexities
holding you back?

Your business will thrive with
IRIS Cloud Solutions

Come to the Cloud

Cloud Solutions Provider - Charlotte

The Cloud’s an IT game-changer

Computers and software run healthy all day without you lifting a finger

It’s the ideal solution for small and medium-sized organizations whose employees need to work freely and
easily all day. And the benefits don’t stop there...


Cloud computing eliminates the need for costly investments in hardware and its upkeep.


Backing up data in the cloud means it can’t be compromised due to lost laptops and the like.


Data is also managed for compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and any other relevant regulations.


Your teams can share access to documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


With cloud-based servers and software, adding users and allocating bandwidth is a click away.


IRIS Solutions handles all your IT updates, upgrades, and maintenance for you.

Cloud Based Server - Charlotte

Doctors and Dentists and Those Who Make Deals

Your offices will thrive when they run on hosted servers with 24/7 support

Medical, dental, or commercial -- whatever your industry -- IRIS’ customizable cloud solutions are highly affordable. For a fixed monthly fee, small businesses get a totally secure platform that eliminates downtime and does away with costly, space-eating, on-premises hardware.

Check out your Cloud

Cloud Storage for Small Business - Charlotte

We’re not like ordinary
IT companies

We service our clients, not just their computers

IRIS Solutions was founded on a culture of caring for customers. It drives our technicians to excel in their roles and it inspires our unique, company-wide “high touch” approach to service. And we believe it’s why we’ve become one of North and South Carolina’s leading IT solutions providers since 1996.

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So how do you get to the cloud?

We can guide you there, too

Migrating your systems to an IRIS Cloud Solutions’ hosted environment is easy. We’ll be your partner from the moment you select the model that’s best for your business, throughout the transition, until your deployment is complete, and beyond.

Your business-critical resources will be uninterrupted; your employees will continue to work; and your data will remain backed up and secured. Then you’ll have entered a brand new world of computing, where the savings start in earnest and the headaches stop for good.